Our Partners


Beyond every small, business or big event, there is always a great partnership. 


These are just a few of the companies which NOW partners already had the pride and the joy to work in several different past projects. 




Pioneer in the trade fairs market in Rio de Janeiro, Fagga l GL events Exhibitions counts on a portfolio that reunites more than 3 thousand events realized in Brasil and 250 abroad..

Surgiu em 1944, com foco de atuação na administração, ciências sociais e econômicas. A instituição extrapolou as fronteiras do ensino e avançou pelas áreas da pesquisa e da informação, até converter-se em sinônimo de centro de qualidade e de excelência.

Textual Group is one of the most distinguished and prize-winning brazilian communications agency.

Institution that promotes on-line and presential learning, produces and shares contents to enable and qualification of football/soccer professionals.

Founded by ex-football players Raí and Leonardo, to assist needless children, Gol de Letra helps more than one thousand children in their social programs.

One of the biggest private organizations in Brazil, positioned in the segment of on-line and presential education, in term of total number of students, offers graduation and post-graduation courses.

Brazilian Football Confederation